Sunday’s Motivational Quote And How I Start My Week – September 20, 2015

images (2)This is so true.
At least for me it is.
Even now , with Sunday not being the beginning of the work week every week for us, I still use it to get certain things accomplished. I miss going to church every Sunday but do spend time listening to my home church’s service Sunday afternoon or evening. It is important to me.
I have given up so many things. This I won’t give up. I need the SPIRITUAL Service FOR ME. For my personal well being.
It is one of the few times I tell Danny, no, I am busy when he tries to get me to spend time with him then. He has all day if he is not working. He has hours before if he is. This is my time with the Lord.

I also at some point during the day, usually in the morning , get ready for my next week of Bible Studies.
I will make sure I am caught up from the previous week.

Sunday’s were always huge family days for me growing up and then raising Bobby.
Danny never had that kind of Sunday. That kind of life.

When Danny had to work his 7 day stretches, Sunday, is when I start getting things ready for his week. Actually I start Saturday, making sure we have groceries for his lunches.
I get as much done the night before he has to work.
His clothes are laid out for him for the morning. Yes, he is spoiled.
I usually feel better at night than in the morning and that way, all I have to do in the morning is put his lunch in his lunch box and get his drinks ready. It takes less than 10 minutes.
I get him out the door  without any undue STRESS.

Have a wonderful SUNDAY.
Love Sarah
It makes things easier for both of us.

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  1. hope your day is awesome!

    1. Lynz, I slept through most of it. LOL
      Just gettin on here. How was your day?

  2. I get a lot done on Sunday too. I always do all the laundry and usually make a big dinner so we have leftovers for the week. I try to get other tasks completed too. Today I made a wedding card. I forgot to take a pic.

    1. Because of Danny’s cray schedule which just recently got even more so, my days, all feel about the same.
      Since I post my Motivational Quotes at least a day early, I really get confused sometimes.
      Yet, I really try and do regular and routine things on Sundays…..Saturdays as well when Danny works. He is working most weekends now so it is easy for me to do.
      I love making huge dinners and having leftovers all week. We have some awesome leftovers.
      I would have loved to see the wedding card.
      I am not creative that way at all.

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