Reblogged From  Zen and Pi – Monday Motivation // Know This: You can start over each morning.

There is something about Monday’s even when you are off Monday and Tuesday’s every so often.
Come Monday morning , no matter if Danny has to work or he is off after working the previous 7 days, I feel sort of ”let down” because another week went by and I didn’t accomplished many of the things I wanted to.
It is a reminder of all of the things NOT DONE.

Instead of this: Monday should be the day to
“Start getting things accomplished”.
Look outside. The sun is shining. (Let’s imagine it is)
The new day is starting.
“Get up”.
“Get started”
“Get going”.
Take a walk.
Feel the grass beneath your feet.
Listen to the birds sing.

Source: Monday Motivation // Know This: You can start over each morning.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂

    1. I was glad to. How is your week without you girlfriend going?

      1. Lisa says:

        It’s ok, I am surviving but I miss her terribly! She will be home tomorrow night though, I think I might just make it 🙂

  2. New Journey says:

    love the quote….how are you doing??? up and at em yet???? did the weather get better??? its cooled off out here but still no rain….thinking of you….kathy

    1. Kathy, I am doing great. Moving around slowly still. Outside a little. The ankle is still a huge issue.
      It is about 10 degrees cooler here than it was 2 weeks ago. Mid to upper 80’s instead of mid to upper 90’s.
      Still warmer than usual at night. No 60’s yet.
      We are still getting the rain and storms …just not as bad or as often. SO it is better.
      And still awful. LOL

      1. New Journey says:

        glad to hear it…baby steps….at least your getting outside…yay!!!! send the rain West….please….

        1. Oh KAthy, I would if I could

  3. malousu says:

    Good idea. I see it as a new day. New beginning.

    1. Here’s to new and exciting Beginnings.

  4. amommasview says:

    Love this very much!

    1. So did I. It was/is a good reminder for me. For all of us.

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