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berra 2I saw the following post on Marilyn’s blog first so I want to make sure she gets credit as well. Plus I love what she wrote about what her husband had to say about the news.    From Marilyn Armstrong at Serendipity:72-Marilyn-cropped-by-GA_036

I cried this morning. A yankee great, Yogi Berra Dead at 90. NEW YORK YANKEES FOREVER

“Garry Armstrong on September 23, 2015 at 4:34pm said:
A sad, sad day. Lawrence Peter Berra was a baseball legend and an icon. Although he was a stalwart of the Yankees, dreaded enemy of my beloved Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Red Sox, he was a kind and gentle man. I spent a few, memorable hours with Yogi during his tenure with the old, bumbling New York Mets. He was very kind and generous with me, then a young reporter.”

Yogi is again batting cleanup behind Mickey Mantle on that field of dreams.”

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I Cried This Morning. A Yankee Great, Yogi Berra Dead At 90. NEW YORK YANKEES FOREVER

Carl wrote a wonderful piece about Yogi Berra and His love for the Yankees.
Check it out.

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  1. Many people, esp younger ones, are dismissive but don’t understand that he was part of my generation’s America, a different time with a different dynamic and certainly much more wholesome than today’s world.

    1. I grew up knowing who they were. Respected them.
      I still love the game but it is not the same.
      It was wholesome back then.
      I called my dad a little while ago to tell him. He hadn’t heard.
      We really did have it good back then.
      I am thankful for the internet and what it allows me to do. I am also very thankful that I was raised without it and so for the most part was my son.
      We knew how to have fun. Tickets for the games were reasonable. Hotdogs and drinks were as well.
      We had ballparks. We knew our teams and everyone on them.

      The last baseball player I really have liked was Ryne Sandberg from the Cubs.
      A lot of it is I haven’t been able to watch many games in the last 10 years.
      But when I do, The feeling just isn’t the same.
      Sending hugs.

  2. Heather says:

    My dad and I were talking about Yogi all day today. Sad day for us Yankee fans.

    1. Heather, I called my dad after I heard the news and we talked for over an hour about him and baseball in general.
      Sad day for America.
      We are Cub fans. Yet, I grew up knowing Yogi and the others. They were special. He was SPECIAL.

      1. Everyone’s gotta have a place in their heart for the Cubbies too.

        1. I laughed. Carl, Have a good weekend with your dad.
          And I love it when you make me smile.

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