Wednesday’s Motivational Quotes – September 23, 2015

nice-wednesday-quotes-pictures-6-8c5271cfWe have a chance each and every day to begin again. To start over. To redo something. To start a new goal. To live our lives.
What new goal have you set for today?

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  1. I really am not a goal setter but take things as they happenbut I have things I know I should do but never get around to doing. For now I am able to read posts and comment. Yehey!!! Need to write something though lol ๐Ÿ˜› Mids you much Sarah!

    1. We all have things we need to do and don’t get done.
      I am pretty good at taking things as they come.
      Miss you also, Shine. HUGS

  2. Lovely Sarah!! hope you are well!

    1. I am good. Sleeping a lot or trying to. LOL

      1. Glad you are resting!

        1. So what adventuresome thing are you doing? You always stay busy.

          1. ha ha well I cooked, went out for coffee with my cousin who is actually like a sister to me, got the kids, a really low key easy day! took a break and went to coffee which was fun!

            1. Good to hear you got a break. Especially with your cousin. ๐Ÿ™‚

              1. It was nice!!

  3. Lady CAS says:

    Award time! I ave nominated you for the beautiful blogger award:

    1. Chris, I was Finally able to comment on your blog. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
      Thank you for this.

      1. Lady CAS says:

        So Glad! I love hearing from you!

        1. I feel the same way.

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