Writing 101 – I Can Now Write My Own Vignette.- Friday, September, 25, 2015 (Not Written Here)


You all know that the assignment in Writing 101 on Vignettes had left my brain filled with fog. THICK FOG.

I wasn’t getting a glimmer of an idea.
I read countless posts from those of you in the class.

I read a lot off the web.
I just couldn’t grasp the assignment.

Well, now I can.
As clearly as It was to most of you.
As soon as I get the ok to share the post that unclogged my brain I will post it.
Old Folks At The Homestead -Writing 101 Day 13 – Compose A Series Of Vignettes.

That is a good reason to smile. Less brain fog. A CLEAR moment.
Live is good.

My problem will come in trying to SHORTEN my words for short stories that connect.
I can be well winded when I write.
I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before now.

I will write it soon. It will be a hard piece for me to write.
You already know part of the story.
Our house  burned down.

Fires have destroyed our possessions more than once.
The last time it took everything I had of Bobby’s.
After we could no longer make more memories together.

Another post with no photos or if I do use any…they will be the same ones you have already seen.
Those are all that I have left.
I am smiling now because I understand something that I didn’t before.
The cloud lifted from my head.