Reblogged From Routine Matters – Jackie Collins …

Reblogged From Routine Matters.
Rest In Peace Jackie.

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  1. hirundine608 says:

    Christmas of 1970 saw me working in a swish shoe store on New Bond Street. I started to serve this customer. It was the practice to always measure the feet of customers before bringing out shoes.

    So, I sat down in front of the woman … I worked in the women’s fashion.The female sat back and obligingly lifted her leg high enough for me to see …. stockings, but no panties and a well trimmed mound of venus. It set me back for a moment. Only to be hustled out of the way by the floor manager. A weaselly faced individual. Who had been on the phone … as usual. But, then realized who I was serving. Whereupon he served her, for the duration of her visit.

    Yes, the other workers clued me in as to who she was. For nearly fifty years, I can still remember my surprise at the top of her legs.

    BTW Mr. Springmeyer has the Collins’ as one of the thirteen illuminati family names. … Hmmmm.

    1. OH My Gosh, What a story, What a VIEW, oh my Gosh, I can’t get that out of my mind./ Thanks for the links. I will check them out.
      Still laughing.

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