Saturday’s Motivational Quote – September 26, 2015

Happy Image result for Saturdays Motivational QuoteSaturday,
Have a Wonderful Weekend.
Rejoice that you have time to spend with your family.
Do something special with them.
Do something special for yourself.

If you or your spouse have to work, take some time out after work to have fun.
Watch a movie together. Something YOU both will like.
Watch a movie with your kids.
Ask each other how your day was.
Then listen when they tell you.
How long has it been since you have taken a walk together?

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  1. PennyDecor says:

    Family time is quality time, that’s what I love doing the most.

    1. So do I. I just wish my family lived close by. So I make sure Danny knows he is loved .

  2. My family is going to my aunt’s for the annual Hill Billy Ho Down. Finally get to see family on good terms. But I wanna sleep the day away..

    1. Sounds like fun. I also understand the desire to SLEEP.

      1. I rolled outta bed at 2 and went and glad I did. It was wonderful to see family under good circumstances <3

          1. Me too. I was the official photographer lol

            1. I Usually am also..

              1. I’m usually not-but I brought my camera and this was the first get together at aunt Peggy’s I’d been able to attend in YEARS! Plus it was happier times-unlike last weekend. So much laughter <3

                1. I am GLAD. We need laughter and family

  3. Erika Kind says:

    Good advice, Sarah!😊

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