Sunday’s Motivational Quote – September 27, 2015

Happy Sunday! Smile! Enjoy your Family!

Forget the cup of coffee. Have 2 or 3 cups if you want.
Or if you are like me and don’t like coffee, Pour yourself a well deserved chai latte with whipped cream on top.

Sure Sound better than coffee to me.
What’s for breakfast?
When Danny is off on the weekend I usually fix a huge omelet for him filled with eggs, cheese, ham and potatoes.
The ham may be lunch meat but it does add a bit of flavor.
I often add tomatoes.
Mushrooms – OH YEAH!
When I have it he gets bacon as well.
Add a slice of toast and he is a happy  camper.

I usually don’t eat breakfast.
If we happen to eat breakfast out though I want everything.
An omelet with everything, potatoes , biscuit and gravy.
At home for anytime I will often make me an omelette with spinach and cream cheese or feta cheese.

spinach feta tomato omelet

Guess who is hungry? I haven’t had anything.
It is Friday – 2:20 PM when I write this. Danny has to work this weekend.
That will be his 9TH day.
Have I said that we are short handed yet.
Well, we are.
We lost an employee to other park…..SMILES All around there.
One employee MESSED UP HIS KNEE.
Praying for healing.
One employee gets paid to HIDE and DO NOTHING ALL DAY.
OUR Cow Camp Volunteer and former park employee( 70 Plus Years Old) is out of commission for a long time.
Prayers For Chet.
Rant over.

Have an awesome Sunday.

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  1. Chitra Raag says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it !!! Thank you so much!!!

    1. Chitra, Thank you for visiting SAOT’S. 🙂

  2. Uday says:

    I’m drooling over my keyboard right now. 🙂

    Happy Sunday, Sarah!

    1. Smiling at that. Have a good Monday

  3. Erika Kind says:

    Lovely Sunday thoughts, Sarah 🙂

    1. I will be working on your 3 Quotes 3 day piece this week. And a whole lists of other awards I haven’t done anything with.
      I need to get past this silly fear of forgetting someone or leaving someone out or whatever my hang ups are. I love being nominated. I want to share them with others.
      Silly to be afraid of them.
      It’s been a good day.

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