This Is Why I Blog – READ – Check Out Celona’s Blog. – Sunday, September 27, 2015


Not for the shout out  to me but because it is a wonderful post.

From Sarah:
This is Why I Blog, Write and Share.
I love to write. I love sharing what I write.  I pray others find some enjoyment, a bit of comfort, maybe a laugh or the reason to smile at what I do share.
Your comments here move me….Bring me to tears (of Happiness and Joy)
I love each and every like and comment I get.

Tonight, I saw a comment here that already made smile at the love being given.
Then I went to the blog in question and read the beautiful post.
I was getting ready to to reblog the post when I saw the “SHOUT OUT” To Me .
The tears are still falling.
How Do I SAY THANK YOU TO CHARLES for what he did?

Using this opportunity to shout-out to a huge fan and a great supporter of Celona’s art; many thanks to Sarah’s Attic of Treasures.. this post is dedicated to you dear for your continual love


Expressions Meet Realism!!!



Charles At

Thank you.
Love Sarah
Please read what this wonderful man wrote today ABOUT CREATIVE MINDS.

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