Bible Study- Week 4 – Acts 17- From Good Morning Girls and Women Living Well – Tuesday

Acts 17

Chapter 17 – Paul in Thessalonica, Berea, & Athens

Today we were in Acts 17. Paul was unafraid of preaching the gospel of Christ. He did not fear what man could do to him! May we be brave as well.

Monday’s Lesson =SOAK

Love Sarah
If you have a good Bible Study Group or Blog that you visit, I would really like to know of it.
One I recently started following is:

They are also studying The Book Of Acts . They are a week or so behind.
I am enjoying theirs as well.
holy spirit unleashed week 7
ALSO: From Time Warp Wife
Two Awesome Ways to Study The Book of Acts!

This one is more interesting and fun as well. They work with Good Morning Girls But  also Have:
Two Awesome Ways to Study The Book of Acts!

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