This Weeks Bible Study – Week 5 – From Acts 21-25 – Starting Monday, October 5, 2015

Good Morning Girls Resources {Acts 21-25}

“New Post with an Announcement is on the blog now and…Here’s this week’s Bible Reading Plan! All the free printable resources for the week are available NOW here —–>

“This week we will look at:

Chapter 21 – Paul Goes to Jerusalem and Is Arrested in the Temple

Chapter 22 – Paul Testifies Before the People in Jerusalem

Chapter 23 – A Plot to Kill Paul

Chapter 24 – Paul Kept in Prison

Chapter 25 – Paul Appeals to Caesar ”






“All are welcome!👭👭👭. There are no sign-ups ✏️ or enrollments.📝. Come join us every Monday and Friday on the blog🌺.
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Good Morning Girls Resources {Acts 21-25} and An Announcement!

Have a wonderful week,
Love Sarah

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  1. This sounds like such a wonderful event. Thanks for posting about it, because I’m sure it will help someone. Love this.

    1. I am getting a great response from these posts. Emails mainly. I was surprised.

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