Tuesday’s Motivational Quotes , A Song To Get You Started And An Awesome Update – October 6, 2015

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Happy Tuesday From Our Neck Of The Woods where it is beginning to feel like fall. Danny asked me yesterday morning if I felt like going over to the park with him for a few hours. He said that he would drive me there and take me home whenever I was ready.
I said , “YES”….
I would have gone had I not have been strong enough. Just the way he asked me if I wanted to go with him said so much more. Plus I was MORE than ready to get out of the house.
It was cooler out.
Are you ready for this?
It was 67 degrees out.
I have waited and waited for the temps to drop.

It hadn’t gone below 73 degrees before.
I know, I look at the gauge right outside our window every morning and every afternoon. I have to record the temps and rain everyday from Rolling Meadows Ranch.
Even though we are 3 miles from the Ranger Station and it is all connected, the rain difference can be dramatic.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time. We had a wonderful time.

Now on with today’s quotes.

I have been working on my attitude in the mornings. I am usually good getting Danny off to work and then I going back to bed. I do better though, when I stay up and watch the sun come up or even better get out where I can really see it. Then if I still want or need to I can usually go to sleep and sleep better.
I love sun rises and sunsets. There is something magical about them.

No matter how I am feeling in the mornings. No matter how sick I am, I love to watch the sun come up. I love watching it go all the way thru the house. 

If you are in a good mood and feeling positive then even when things don’t quite go the way you wanted them to, you can still rise above it.  That is a lot harder to do if you were full of gloom and doom beforehand. 
Small positive thought tuesday quoteThis is certainly true. When Danny surprises me and says or does something special before he leaves for work them I am HAPPY all day.
On the OTHER hand, If the opposite is true…..WHAM! It is hard to bounce back from it.

This is very true. You need to choose to be happy and get up and get things done.
In my case, Because I am always exhausted, it is really hard for me to motivate myself to get up and get going. This summer made it even harder because of the heat and humidity. I NEVER wanted to get up. I wasn’t feeling good and it was too hot to go outside. So “Why get up?” was my attitude.
Way too often my bad attitude won. I let it.
SO I didn’t enjoy my day. I felt guilty most of the time. And NOTHING got done, even when I could have done it.

Love Sarah

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  1. hope you are doing well! hugs:)

  2. Gen says:

    It’s wonderful that you’re adopting such a positive attitude amid all of your challenges! Well done!! How are you feeling?

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