Wednesday’s Daily Quotes – October 7, 2015

Happy Wednesday to all of you reading this.

I am usually very happy with myself and who I am. This came easily for me growing up in a house with loving parents. Parents who really LOVED EACH OTHER. LIKED EACH OTHER.

Happiness is VERY much an INSIDE JOB.
It has to come from WITHIN YOU. No one can give you happiness. They can’t force it on you.
You choose to be happy.
It is a way of life.

This one sets me back more times than I would like to admit. I let the tone of our mornings together set the tone for the rest of the day. If Danny and I had a good morning and I got him out the door and off to work without any problems, chances are my day will be a good one.
If , On the other hand we end up fighting BEFORE he even leaves the house , then you can bet my day will be filled with tears and anger.
Usually towards HIM.
I work on this constantly but it is an on going problem.
Thanks heavens it doesn’t happen very often.
It also sets the tone for his coming home IF I LET IT.
Danny will have shoved it away like he always does. I will never get the “I’m sorry that I feel I need”.
So, I TRY to let the argument go myself or if I DO bring it up, I usually say. “I am sorry for my part in this mornings argument. ”

This is true of ALL of us.
I learned how strong I was after Bobby died.
I am still learning that one.
I have to be strong there every day. Every moment of every day.

I am stronger today than I was yesterday. I walked around the yard for 30 minutes this morning. Walked over to talk to the guys as the bunkhouse when they came to work on one of our Restoration Projects here.

Feeling good here in Our Neck Of The Woods.
Love Sarah

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