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Friday’s Motivational Quotes -October 9,2015

The above quote pretty much sums up how we should handle everything in our lives. How we react to any given moment or action is usually how the situation gets handled.
React calmly instead of panicking and you will have CONTROL over the outcome. 

                                              Go places you have never been.
                                              Ask for things that are important to you.
                                              If you don’t step up to the plate and do something,
You will never get anywhere.
You will always be stuck right where you are.  

I can NOT say that I always choose what is right and what I should do.
When it comes to mornings and forcing myself out of bed when Danny isn’t home, I sadly lack in this department. I usually roll over and try to shut out what is going on around me.
As it gets cooler out, this problem won’t be quite so hard. I can and do get MOTIVATED During the FALL and WINTER MONTHS.

Positive Good Morning Wishes, Messages - Have a Cheerful Morning Quotes Image, Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures Download
I love this quote. It is much easier to have a cheerful morning when I think positive when I first get up.
If I can stay up and watch the SUN RISE, My whole mood is brighter. Even when I go back to bed, This mood carries me through the day.
I smile as the sun rises and shines brightly, waking up the world around me. The birds start to sing. The sky clears up. The sun shines on the grass. Shines on my windows. I see it radiate throughout the house. It brights the inside of the house. Everything glows.
My steps become lighter and I want to sing. To dance at this new day that I have been given. 

I say this a lot. If Danny says anything positive in the morning my day is filled with JOY.
I get more done and I am just happy.

Good Morning From Our Neck Of The Woods.
What kinds of color are you painting with today?
Love Sarah


My real name is Debra (Debbie Sue). Sarah is a nickname given to me in high school. My husband has always called me that so here in Florida It's all I am known by. I was born and raised in Illinois. My son and I moved to Colorado in 1982. I taught school for 17 years. Then I ran a homeschooling/preschool/daycare until 2006 when I moved to Florida after my son, Bobby died suddenly. He was almost 26. Danny and I live and work at a state park here. I miss the mountains and climate of Colorado. I miss snow and the four seasons. I miss Bobby.

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Motivational Quotes -October 9,2015

  1. Hello Sarah 🙂

    Such beautiful thoughts 🙂

    I love all of them!

    I feel the second last picture is so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this inspiration 🙂

    Is Danny’s shifts better now?

    Is he feeling relaxed? How have you been?

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Danny’s shifts haven’t changed yet but they should start to next week. One of our employees should be back at work… least part time. Thank you for asking about him.
      Relaxed. NOOOOO!
      He will get there soon I hope/pray/
      I am good. I feel better after sleeping 19 hours Wednesday night Thursday.
      Has it sunk in yet that your parents are gone for awhile.
      Love and hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Sarah 🙂

        I didn’t understand the thing about parents 🙂

        You slept 19 hours straight! Wow!!

        I am glad you feel re-energized.
        I hope Danny feels better after this week. Some things are not in our hands 🙂

        I also pray for him and for you.

        I hope you guys are having some relaxing time during the weekend.

        I wish you very best. Have a great week ahead.

        More love and light ❤

        Hugs and Love ❤

        Anand 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh it’s really too much for Danny at this age. I hope this week passes soon and he gets regular shifts.

            I wish you a very nice week too, dear Sarah.

            Love and light ❤

            Anand 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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