October’s Ongoing Pay It Forward Challenges For Friday, October 9, 2015- Week 2


How is the Pay It Forward Challenge Going?
Have you put your cell phones away when you are in the company of others?
How is this family time? They asked and answered a question but neither stopped what they were doing.
This is NOT good family time.

Why go out and eat if you are going to talk /text on the phone while you are there?
You are missing a great opportunity to simply have fun.
To work on NOT having the cell phone on
and at the table during meal times.
If it must be on, put it on a counter AWAY from the table.

This Weeks  NEW Challenge Is TWO – FOLD.
1. Eat your  meals together.
If not all of them, then at least one meal a day.
2. To Say Grace at least at one meal a day.
Say it together. Say it silently. Say it.

Teach your kids to thank God/ Jesus for the blessings you receive.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the food we are about to eat. ……

Do I say prayers at meal times?
Honestly, Not as much as I should.
If I eat in the kitchen, yes I do.
Danny and I seldom eat together any more.
I usually don’t eat breakfast so Danny eats his in the computer room.

Do we eat lunch together….It depends on if he is already on the computer. Usually he is.
Danny will eat dinner/supper at the table . I usually sit with him. He will eat RIGHT before going to bed. Midnight and later

Our family always ate together. So did Bobby and I. Always.
Come Lord Jesus,
Be Our Guest.

You can eat your meal anywhere as long as you eat together.

Has anyone had a CLEANUP PARTY at the beach or park?

What about Telling Your Husband/Wife
that you love them?

I’ve said it once.
It was hard for me to say it.
Once it was so easy.

It is easier for me to show it.

Have you told your children how much you love them?

What about writing a Letter?

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Pay It Forward For The Month Of October – My Gift To You And A Weekly Challenge

Pay It Forward For The Month Of October – My Gift To You And A Weekly Challenge

From Sarah:
I have written to 7 people already who send me an Email. I have lot’s more to do. I added all the ones from here as well.
The offer is still good.
Email me your address and I will send a letter or postcard to you.

There are so many ways TO PAY IT FORWARD.
Love Sarah