Making Your Home A Haven Fall Challenge Continues : Feedback From All Over -(On Monday Sarah’s)


I am amazed at the response I am getting from women who are taking the Making Your Home A Haven Challenge. (Women Living Well /Good Morning Girls)
My email box is filled with messages from women and a few men letting me know that they are doing this challenge.
One lady from the Nederlands asked me to join their Good Morning Girls -Netherlands… Blog. (Which I did.) Thank heaven’s for the translation between languages.
It’s been exciting.
Have you lit your candle today?
Said your prayers?

Turn your house into a home one week

Your house into a home, Autumn challenge! Week 1

Welcome to your house into a home, Autumn challenge!

“Edith Shaeffer says:

We are each an environment for the people with whom we live, the people with whom we work, the people with whom we communicate … our conversations, attitudes, responses or no responses, unkind or understanding, our love or selfishness, or happiness boring, gives to others or zelfmedelijden- all these aspects make a big difference to the people who live in our area.

Enthusiasm and excitement are contagious to other people: expectation that God can intervene at this moment in history, and you can show this expectation practical in prayer, it will affect the attitude of other people. “

Did you consider the possibility that you’re an environment?

Lie you in bed with your clothes in a pile on the ground, groaning and whining about all the work you need to do in a day or are you just cheerful in the morning, you greet your children as they sit at the table for their breakfast, pray with you as they start their day, and you clean up your breakfast things without grumbling on …

Life is not always a bed of roses … but because we are- we Christians must reflect Christ inour environment. And the only means how we can reflect Christ and his peace is to go to Him and ask Him for it.

Find it.

Strive after.

It will not happen so.”

“Here is the challenge of this week:

Buy an extra large candle and pray to him every day.

I put mine in the morning on but you can burn yours meal during the evening or at what time it is most convenient for you … I will put my candle in the kitchen places- the central location of our house.

Every time you see the candle, say a little prayer for peace in your home.”

5 Ways I Make My Home A Haven of Peace – Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge wk 1

From Last Years Challenge:

“There is one thing I’ve learned. Creating a home is more than just cleaning and providing a hot meal at dinnertime. It is about atmosphere. And a key part of atmosphere is fragrance.

Fragrance invokes memories. Powerful memories.”

From The Previous Year.

“There was one treasure that found a special home.

My Yankee candle.

A special friend sent me three large jar candles. And I smiled as I packed them, because I knew that as soon as I returned home, Courtney from Women Living Well would begin her fall Making Your Home a Haven Challenge – which I do each year – and this year I would have a proper candle to light!

And as I light my candle each day, I am reminded of the lesson I learned while with my parents: to lay down my expectations.

Life hands us so many unexpected challenges. We can let these challenges whip our emotions into frenzy, or we can choose to find joy no matter the circumstance. When we choose to do the latter, we set an atmosphere for our home that invites the presence of God. He can thrive when our hearts are at peace – even in the midst of trials.

The first step to making your home a haven of rest and peace for your family is to make a conscious effort to be the atmosphere-setter for our homes. Turning our homes into receptors for God’s presence, where His presence is invited and made welcome…where His touch can be felt by all who enter and dwell there.

We do this best by living out our lives with a “meek and quiet spirit” – with hearts and emotions at peace and free from anxiety.

Today I make a renewed effort – as I light my candle – to let the flickering flame remind me to cast every care and expectation upon Jesus, and the fragrance remind me to offer up praise and thanksgiving as a joyful sacrifice to Him as I welcome His presence into my home so that my home will be a haven of rest, peace and joy for my family!”

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