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Monday’s Motivational Quotes – October 12, 2015

Happy Monday.
It’s a new work week for most of you. Danny is off part of today and all of Tuesday. (We hope.) It’s been a long couple of months for us. We have a new park ranger starting in November. Our park ranger that was out on sick leave is back, so things are finally looking up. It has been hard on my end that I haven’t been able to help much. I have helped out a few hours here and there in the Ranger Station. One of the few places I don’t have to do much walking.
Tomorrow, they start a huge project in the bath houses. All new plumbing, One bath house at a time so as to not close down the campground.
So here’s to a good week. 

Don’t let yourself worry too much about what you did or didn’t do yesterday. Or what needs to be done tomorrow. Do what you need to do TODAY. 

What can you do to brighten someone else’s day?

This is an awesome quote. Our eyes and smile say a lot about us. They tell the world how we are doing without ever saying a word.

Have a good week. Happy Monday.
Love Sarah


My real name is Debra (Debbie Sue). Sarah is a nickname given to me in high school. My husband has always called me that so here in Florida It's all I am known by. I was born and raised in Illinois. My son and I moved to Colorado in 1982. I taught school for 17 years. Then I ran a homeschooling/preschool/daycare until 2006 when I moved to Florida after my son, Bobby died suddenly. He was almost 26. Danny and I live and work at a state park here. I miss the mountains and climate of Colorado. I miss snow and the four seasons. I miss Bobby.

10 thoughts on “Monday’s Motivational Quotes – October 12, 2015

    1. Lynn, I am good. I am really beginning to get around. My ankle will always be a problem and I never know what move will make me want to scream but they don’t happen all the time any more.
      I am out walking a little and helping at the park for an hour or so every once in awhile.
      Danny and I are good.
      I am working my way through a lot of STUFF. Emotional baggage. Learning how to put myself first….at least sometimes.
      It’s hard.
      How are you? What are the kids up to?

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