Our Neck Of The Woods

As of September 2019, Danny and I will have been in the Cracker House 8 years.
Bobby has been gone for 13 years. I will have lived in Florida 13 years this November.
Danny and I have been together since 2005.
Check Out The Early Cracker House Photos. Before The Restoration. We (as in Danny and I)DID the WORK with lot’s of help.

There are a number of new readers here who are asking me all sorts of Questions About Our Neck Of The Woods and What It has to do with Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures.
SAOT’S Is Filled with Everything I Love.
Well, Our Neck Of The Woods Is Where I Show Everything I DO At Home  (Rolling Meadows Ranch) And At Lake Kissimmee State Park. It is where Danny and I live, work, play and love. It IS US . Therefore It has everything to do With SAOT’S.

There’s been a lot of confusion here about where Danny and I live and work. It’s is a bit complicated. I talk about us working at Lake Kissimmee State Park , Rolling Meadows Ranch and even at Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park. I also mention Catfish Creek ,the Creek. I mention living at the park and RMR .

So here’s a bit of the story:
In  November 2006, I moved to Florida from Colorado. Danny and I moved out of the house his Dad had built when he was a child. He lived in Haynes City all of his life. We bought a 5th Wheel and moved to Camp Mack Fishing Camp…..Camp Mack Road, Lake Wales. It’s right across from Lake Kissimmee State Park. Danny was working at Bok Tower Gardens at the time.

February 1, 2007, Danny got a job as a Park Ranger at Lake Kissimmee State Park (LKSP) I started volunteering right away although not full time.   On August 4, 2007, we moved the RV across the street to LKSP and lived in what is called Day Use Area. I was Campground and Day Use  Host….Among many other things.  FULL TIME and then some. We lived there until December 2008.

DSCN7523 DSCN7501 DSCN7503

We moved over to Rolling Meadows Ranch.  (3 miles from the Ranger Station) It was a SOD FARM till the state took it over 6 years before. The Sod people totally moved out January 4, 2009. We remained in the RV until the Cracker House was Gutted and remodeled.
The Dining room
Kitchen10 Kitchen 11 Kitchen 9 4 Cracker House First Pictures- Back Door Kitchen 1st pictures-Dining room - LR and Porch 1st Pictures Old French Doors 1st pictures LR - DR 1st Pictures- Kitchen 1st Pictures -Kitchen 2

the island between the main part of the kitchen and the Break Nook.
the island between the main part of the kitchen and the Break Nook.

1 Cracker House- Front Porch and Master Bedroom- our 1st house- 041 our 1st house- 038

(Part of the kitchen was left as it was. (I wanted the CABINETS.) We worked on the house for  almost 4 years. We moved into the Cracker House and out of the RV in September 2011. It was not totally finish. Not by a long shot. We also needed the RV to cook in, etc. for months.

The Road Home...Collier Farm Drive and The Pastures

Lake Kissimmee State Park manages Rolling Meadows Ranch.  LKSP also Manages Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park (CCPSP) or Catfish Creek. LKSP also manages a place called Money Tree and  a few other tracks of land. Lake Kissimmee State Park also leases pasture land. All the pastures seen from LKSP to RMR on both sides of the road belong to LKSP. Rolling Meadows Ranch connects to CCPSP. So LKSP has almost 20,000 areas to manage.   Rolling Meadows Ranch is the largest of the 3. It’s where we take our NIGHTLY DRIVES that I talk about. It’s more of our Evening Rides because we usually get home around Dark.

Catfish Creek runs through CCPSP and RMR. I’m usually speaking of RMR’S Section of it. SO HAVE I TOTALLY CONFUSED YOU?  It takes time to fully understand all we do.

From Sarah: There are pictures in the original post on Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures.

This is from my Our Neck Of The Woods Facebook Page

. Our Life. Lake Kissimmee State Park, Rolling Meadows Ranch and Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, Lake Wales, Florida. Where we work, live, play, cry and most of all Love each other.. Come and sit a spell.

Danny and I share so much laughter and tears here, working and living here as we do. I needed a place to start downloading  pictures I have taken over the years here. I need to write about them. I spend so much time wishing I was still living in Colorado that I forget what I have here. We really have a great life. I’m praying that once we finally get into the Cracker House things will get better


We are in the remodeled State Cracker House and it is better, although there are times I miss the RV. We lived it in for 5 years. It was home. It WAS OURS…..I am also posting about Country Life in General and Florida in particular.

In Conclusion :

Danny is a park ranger at Lake Kissimmee State Park. I volunteer there. I am a former teacher who misses being around kids. I am mom who lost her only son, Bobby 9 years ago. I am a wife. I need to find me again. “Our Neck of the Woods” refers mostly to Rolling Meadows Ranch, were we live. It joins Lake Kissimmee State Park, on one side and Allen David Broussard’s Catfish Creek Preserve State Park on the other. We work mostly at LK and RM. RM was a working sod farm until 6 years ago. Before that it was a tomato farm. We now have a herd of cows roaming on part of it. It is also part of a couple of huge restoration projects. It can be a busy place. Yet, usually all we see are the animals that roam freely in our yard.

This page or blog is for my personal use and those of the friends who may visit here. It is not part Of Lake Kissimmee State Park. It is not connected with it in any way other other than that of a couple who live and work there. The views and opinions expressed are my own and have no bearing to the park itself.

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  1. freespirit says:

    Its beautiful Sarah.x

  2. CurvyLou says:

    I’m so happy for you that you are walking again and feeling better and happier. That is WONDERFUL! I am also a firm believer in the power of professional counseling. Saved my life; got me sober.
    You live in such a beautiful place, and I LOVE your home, it’s exactly the kind of home I dream of having some day. Love and hugs,

    1. I love this house as well. Especially since Danny and I spent 3 years of our life waiting to move in after we renovated it. Lot’s of work. But we did it TOGETHER. (With lot’s of help).

  3. Erika Kind says:

    Thank you for sharing, Sarah. Your life is an inspiration in many ways! I am glad you share so openly! As you said, the blog is for your personal use.

    1. And I have been very personal.
      Never meant to be but It is helping me.
      I am so much happier now than I was just a few weeks ago. I am healthier. I am walking again.
      Doing a lot really. Dealing with my anger.
      We are back in counseling.
      It is good.

      1. Erika Kind says:

        Hey, so good! Life looks a lot brighter now to tell from your words. You sound very confident!

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