The Power of a Positive Woman

The Power of a Positive Woman in Her Home- Week 2- Making Your Home A Haven Fall Challenge
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 From Courtney:
“Sometimes life throws us a curve ball.  As we seek to make our homes a haven, reality strikes — headaches, hormones, financial pressures, and difficult relationships stand in the way of our dreams.

Recently, I was listening to a  speaker who said, “we should balance every negative interaction with 10 positive ones


There is power in being a positive woman!  Your family will smile back at you!  It’s contagious!

Last week, I encouraged you to light a candle and pray for peace and patience in your home.  I want to again – encourage you to continue lighting your candles and this week – let’s add to our candle, classical, worship or upbeat music that your family enjoys.


It has a strange effect on people.  Certain songs can flood our minds with good memories.  Others can touch a painful and tender place deep inside of us and cause us to cry.  Other songs make us lift our hands in worship or to break down and boogie!”

Here’s this week’s challenge:

Keep your candles burning, your prayers going and add soft music in your home.  Choose worship, classical, jazz or another form of peaceful music that the family enjoys. Focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships.  Work on gentleness and self-control this week.

Bonus Challenge – Try exchanging every negative interaction with 5 positives ones(10 is a bit much! Lol!).  We started doing this in our home last week and it brought a lot of laughs but also a lot of awareness to the kids and my husband and I of how often we are negative!  It sure isn’t easy to live out but there is power in being a positive woman.”

Music changes the atmosphere of our homes.
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From Sarah:
As You may already have read, I started playing music during the day when Danny was gone and again when Danny was not in the kitchen.
He is hard of hearing sometimes and music often distracts him when we are talking.
I started off with Mozart. I have been switching between that and a few other CD’S . One of Which Is Alan Jackson’s Gospel Music . I enjoy it.
Precious Memories - By: Alan Jackson

My Candle- Pumpkin Spice
My Candle- Pumpkin SpiceI need to find a smokeless candle. 

I am using my mini crock pot with candle wax in it instead of the candle more often now. I can leave it on without worry about it every minute.
Image result for mini red crock pot
Danny commented the other night how much he has enjoyed the apple scent.
I guess maybe an apple pie would be good.
It’s been a long time since I have baked a pie.

That would make the kitchen smell wonderful.

I am really enjoying this challenge.
I find myself in a better MOOD ALL DAY LONG which sets the stage for OUR NIGHTS.

Am I going to do the Bonus Challenge?
Bonus Challenge – Try exchanging every negative interaction with 5 positives ones.
I am Certainly going to work on it.

The best part of this challenge. 
I finally told Danny about the Fall Challenge. 
He didn’t say anything for awhile and then he said, 
“I like it.”
Then he surprised me with this request:
“Can I Pick Some Music Out? “
I didn’t hesitate.
(Danny and I don’t always agree on music. In FACT, WE SELDOM AGREE.

Love Sarah

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  1. Sheridan Johnson says:

    That sounds fun, and I am definitely going to suggest this challenge to my husband, and as much as he loves music, I think he will love this! Also it will take a lot of thought/energy into switching every negative thought into a positive one, which is a great challenge for us to work on! Thanks 🙂

    1. Sheridan,
      I am not sure how to do that one. I would be doing nothing but saying positive things all day.
      Sad to say but MOST of MY THOUGHTS lately have been negative.
      I am so glad you both may be doing it as well.
      Even if we all do part of it every day…our family lives can only improve.

  2. M Rehan says:

    Hey, sounds fun and interesting! Music is the voice of your soul (I think that’s how you say it? :P)! I love deep and meaningful music, the one that touches your soul; whether it’d be romantic, spiritual, sad, happy, anything. And I love candles! The add warmth to your house and of course the right fragrance can set the mood. And the bonus challenge sounds fun to do, we’ll try too. I hope you are doing fine, by the way. 🙂

    1. Penny, I am overly tired but FOR A REALLY GREAT REASON…..I HAD FUN TODAY.
      I will pay for it tomorrow and maybe longer but oh it was worth it.
      I am excited that you and your hubby will also be joining in.
      I am doing great overall.
      How are you guys?

      1. M Rehan says:

        We’re doing great regardless of all the challenges life is bringing upon us. Standing strong! I am glad you are enjoying life! 🙂

  3. kphoenix1 says:

    Great post! I used to burn candles and playing music to activate positive energy. I haven’t tried them together yet. Considering it.

    1. I never should have stopped.
      I love candles and music. Just do what you want to of the challenge.
      Have a wonderful Thursday.

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