Today Is Our Last Day Reading The Book Of Acts- Wednesday October 14, 2015

GMG Acts Celebrate[1]

Thank you for the ones who joined me every Monday Thru Friday while we read our way through this wonderful book.
It has been an incredible 6 weeks with those of you that were emailing me and following this Bible Study.
Finishing Up This Week:
Acts 26. Paul continues to boldly proclaim ChristπŸ‘Ševen in chains! May we be bold as wellπŸ™Œ

Next Up : Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls will be studying from The Book Of Numbers. It starts a week from Monday.Β The book of Numbers Journal is available NOW. We begin October 26th.

As we read through the Bible here at Good Morning Girls, we will go back and forth between the New and Old Testament. Β Since we have completed Genesis, Exodus andLeviticus – next up is the Book of Numbers and Numbers is NOT an easy book to study but you all did amazing with Leviticus…so I know that TOGETHER – we can do this!

The Book of Numbers Study Begins Monday, October 26th!

The Book of Numbers JOURNALΒ is available NOW!!

The Book of Acts Journal - One Chapter a Day

We also haveΒ the Good Morning Guys JournalΒ for guys ages 10 and upΒ with a new lower price. πŸ˜‰ for those who want their sons and daughters to join us.


Love Sarah

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