Thursday’s Motivational Quotes- October 15, 2015

Happy Thursday,
I keep asking and looking for those answers and then I look some more. I am questioning a number of things lately. Things I should have questioned a long time ago. Answers are slow in coming but come they finally do. I have to be open enough to hear them when they do come. 

I don’t often think about this as I slowly try to get out of bed in the mornings. When I do think about the new day, it is usually hours after waking up. Unless, I am up to see the sunrise. Then every day starts off RIGHT.
Today was one of those days it started of right RIGHT away.
We had a ROUNDUP to go to and I WAS FEELING GOOD.
I mean, REALLY good. More on that with a few photos SOON.


This one is taking a lot of DOING TO GET IT RIGHT. I have the COMMITMENT and the DREAMS. I certainly have the PASSION. AND I DO KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. (USUALLY)

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I just realized that I had 2 quotes from Albert Einstein. ENOUGH SAID. LOL.

DEAD LAST is no fun.
Not finishing is heartbreaking at times.
Not Starting is just plain stupid.  

I am smiling here at this one. I am thinking of some of those adventures. LOL
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Have an awesome day. 


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  1. EttaD says:

    Love these pick-me up quotes, I don’t comment as often as I should but you’ve really been an inspiration.

    1. Etta, Thank you for saying that. I am glad you commented now. HUGS my friend.

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