#Love Me Challenge: Learn To Love You – Day 3 – Saturday, October 17, 2015

            #Love Me Challenge Day 3
love-me-challenge      3. A Word That Describes You
( I did More Than One word. )

My word for me is:


      Webster’s Dictionary.

                  having, showing, or expressing strong emotions or beliefs

             expressing or relating to strong sexual or romantic feelings

       That is certainly true

Full Definition of PASSIONATE


a :  easily aroused to anger

b :  filled with anger :  angry


a :  capable of, affected by, or expressing intense feeling


b :  enthusiastic, ardent

:  swayed by or affected with sexual desire
pas·sion·ate·ly adverb
pas·sion·ate·ness noun

All of it fits right now except the Sexual Desire.
Desire Yes. Sexual No.
I get angry all the time. I am quick to anger any more. I never use to.

I use to be CALM. Romantic but Calm.
I am Still Very Romantic.
I am anything but CALM any more.
I have never Worked out Regularly,
I need to get into a exercise routine.
I have always been ACTIVE. (except when I am sick or hurting)
I have a gratitude journal.
I read vigorously.
My Our life is fairly simplified. Mine is getting more so.

          Another word for me is :

                             1.  extreme force, degree, or strength.
  1.                  the job demands intense concentration”
    synonyms: extreme, great, acute, fierce, severe, high; More

    having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious.
    “an intense young woman, passionate about her art”


I am all of those things.



adjective hon·est \ˈä-nəst\

: good and truthful : not lying, stealing, or cheating

: showing or suggesting a good and truthful character

: not hiding the truth about someone or something : not meant to deceive someone

This is what I am working towards: 

I did more than one word but I believe they are all connected.
How would YOU DESCRIBE ME? Feedback Please. Any and all.
Love Sarah

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  1. You are all of that and more my Dear Sarah. I love your description about yourself and I think we share the same description except that you are more passionate at writing/blogging. You are also full of love and kindness despite going through rough times, you still manage to uplift other people’s spirit and encourage. My love for you from my side of universe. Hugs!!!

    1. Love you to my friend. Yes, you and I share many of the same qualities. Love you, Shine.

  2. Erika Kind says:

    Wonderful words and thoughts about passion, Sarah. I think passion simply is to feel life in full awareness and in all depth.

    1. So Do I. I feel it so strongly at times. In a good way. Sometimes I want to explode ….maybe not the best word to use….Shout would be better……Sometimes I want to Shout how I am feeling. There are times I have down so here.
      I am talking about the beauty in a day. The breeze blowing as I walk. The birds singing.

      1. Erika Kind says:

        It is good to have those times. The fuel and charge and show us the light in life!

        1. That’s why Danny wanted me to ride. He understands my love for horse even though HE DOES NOT SHARE IT.
          At least he loves my rabbit….Which is in the house right now.

    1. Thank you. Here’s to a great rest of the weekend for you.

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