Laid Back Sunday’s -October 18, 2015

I would love to take a drive any time…..Not just on Sunday’s. I miss road trips. You can see a lot in one day. 

I think we all need this one. I will pass on the coffee.

Isn’t this a beautiful scene?

How many of you just want to lie around in bed?

Another reason to take a drive for most of you? The Fall Colors would be a good reason to get out.

Do any of you still have Sunday Dinner with your extended family if possible?
How many cook a huge Sunday dinner for your own family?
What habits do you have?

Image result for Family Sundays Quotes

Just another reminder to charge your batteries.

Is football or another sport part of your Sunday?

It would be for me if Danny enjoyed it and we could get one to come in. We will watch NASCAR when we can although we are very unhappy with it lately.

Have you taken any time for yourself ?

Whatever you do this SUNDAY : Please take time to enjoy it with your family.

Love Sarah

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely post Sarah!! I love road trips too!


  2. Sheridan Johnson says:

    I love all of the images, and today I will make it a good one!


  3. freespirit says:

    I love the idea of all of that.X


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