#Love Me Challenge – Learn To Love You – Day 4 – Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 4
Question 4: A Person Who Loves Me.


Not really sure what to write here.
My parents and sister love me. My brother and I aren’t close. His problem, not mine.
Obviously Bobby loved me.
My family all love me.
I have some really good friends who love me. Most are from school.

What made him like Bobby as much as he did and want to get to know  his mom?
Danny’s background is SO DIFFERENT than mine.
We were complete opposites as far as our past is concerned.
I’d never dated much . My best friend Dan for a short while. Bobby’s Biological Father. And Danny.
He can’t begin to count OR REMEMBER the number of women he slept with.
I have only been with 3 men.

I had a child and helped raise his cousins.
Danny has no children.

I am close to my family.
Danny isn’t.

We love music…Just not the same kind.
He can sing. I can’t.

I had the same job for years.
Then worked out of my home for years.
He always worked but until the park ..nowhere longer than 4 years.

I always went to church.
I taught Sunday School for years.

He seldom ever went.

What did we like?
Being outdoors.
Sunsets and Sunrises.
Oh SO MANY THINGSCherry Pocket October 2013 025

He loves my parents.
He loved Bobby.

Danny had longed for love all of his life.
One thing I do know.
Danny loves me.

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  1. Heather says:

    Beautiful, Sarah. It’s good to remember why you fell in love 🙂

  2. Lady CAS says:

    This is so sweet!

    1. Smiling at that. I am having trouble with this challenge.
      Some of it anyway.
      The timing was right for me to do it.
      How are you doing? I have missed our talks.
      All of my challenges : the ones I am posting and doing and the ones I am doing privately aren’t allowing me much time to visit.
      Plus I am finally back to working again. Not a lot But getting there.
      Not complaining about that at all.
      I just went from being on here almost round the clock to now only a fourth of that. Maybe more.
      Love you

      1. Lady CAS says:

        Aww that’s ok. I have found myself trying to get through my bucket list and planning a trip and noticed that I am also not on here as much as I was last month when I looked at my stats. I was a bit disappointed but then I said , am I really upset or sad? The answer was I miss talking to you guys and that hurts a bit but I am overall happy to be given a new purpose right now. So I am pretty happy. I will be bloggin about it pretty soon to update you all on it. I want you all to be a big part of it because I though I still blog daily I have not been doing my usual double or even triple post per day. Plus I need to let you guys know about the big trip coming up!

        1. YES, Let us/ ME know about the BIG TRIP.
          I can’t get too upset either. When I was on here all the time 24/7 I was either in the hospital or laid up .
          I am starting to get out and walk again I am happier. Back to working a bit at the park. How Could I regret that?
          Yet, I do miss you and a few others.

          1. Lady CAS says:

            I know sweetie! We are here when you have some down time and we definitely understand and are happy that you are getting better so we will take the time you have 🙂 {HUGZ)

  3. yhealthy2000 says:

    Beautifully written!

    1. Yaz, Thank you. I am enjoying this challenge but It takes a lot of work. WOW.

  4. Erika Kind says:

    That is so, so beautiful, Sarah. I love the pics and the love this whole post spreads. I am so happy for you!

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