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Finding Time to Meditate

Posted: 05/21/2015 Andy Puddicombe

Andy Puddicombe

“Of all the excuses we dream up to talk ourselves out of meditating, “lack of time” is at the top of the list. We don’t have ten minutes to meditate but we just scrolled Instagram for the sixteenth time. We can’t find 10 minutes to meditate but we pressed snooze for an hour this morning. We simply can’t fit ten minutes of meditation into our day, but we did manage to squeeze in a leisurely two-hour long lunch. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a leisurely two-hour long lunch.) Kids get in the way, work gets in the way. Life gets in the way.

But finding ten minutes a day to meditate is, indeed, possible. It’s a matter of prioritization and habit. It requires discipline, and some days it can be challenging, but the benefits are infinite. ”

10 Steps Given.


Monday’s Motivational Video
It is really good.

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  1. aFrankAngle says:

    I’m not a mediator, but I know I had to stop by to say Hi Sarah! Hope your smiling today.

  2. Oh I just loved reading this. Every morning, I try to meditate and say a inspiring mantra to myself. And thank you so much for posting this video Sarah.

    Kia / KTS

    1. Kia,
      I have never really tried to meditate. Until Bobby died and my life changed so drastically, I never needed to. I was CALM and Happy. Energetic.
      It hasn’t just been Bobby’s Death. More lately, I have been unsettled in my life. Loving Danny but not loving the life we were living. I didn’t want to grow into strangers with this man I love and who loves me. It was so intense. Still is at times. I am not even talking about sex.
      I wasn’t happy. Haven’t been happy and I WAS BRINGING US DOWN as much as anything.
      Summer almosts BREAKS me here.
      This year I had the blog and what a help that has been. Just writing and SHARING it broke through a part of me in a way that journaling to myself never did.
      So I started sharing.
      Mornings are almost impossible for me.
      I am usually SICK then and it takes awhile for the nausea and Brain Fog to life. All morning and part of the afternoon.
      Sleeping IN all morning works well when Danny has LONG Stretches of late field .
      It doesn’t work well with early mornings and getting home around 4. I don’t get anything done.
      Well, Not much…
      I have been trying to stay up after he leaves at 6:45 and watch the sun come up. I am back to walking a bit and want to really work on that. The ankle will always be a huge issue so I need to work around it.
      I am rambling here. Sorry.
      The meditation idea comes from a need to RELAX and CALM down.
      I really don’t do either very well any more. Not sleeping or resting well either.
      When I am on the computer, I can STOP Doing more and more. My mind races.
      I accidently heard the meditation video Sunday.
      It just started playing.
      I found myself listening to it.
      I listened to the whole thing. Not like I was suppose to. I was still doing things but I listened.

      If you have any videos links or ideas ….I would love to hear them. They have to be free.

    2. While I am thinking about it…..Your posts lately have been awesome. I have always loved them.
      We are so different. Maybe that is why I enjoy your city architectural posts. I never see them.
      They are striking.
      I really enjoyed your 5 fall meals. HUGS

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