Tuesday’s Meditation – October 20, 2015

  It would be wonderful if I could really be drawn in and and relax enough to meditate.
I know nothing about it.
Any ideas would be wonderful. 

I would like to see things with a clearer mind. A more open mind.

I have huge parts of me hidden away. Shut up somewhere. I would love to get them back.

I need to be able to relax my mind so I can relax my body. I never really relax any more.
Not really. My mind is constantly going.
I would dearly love to silence my mind for brief periods. Not have it forget but just to let it sleep.

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Love Sarah

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    Sharing some of MY OLDER POSTS. I miss being able to download photos like this daily. Our Internet is just too slow now.

  2. I don’t meditate either and always feel I should. You need to set aside sometime in your day and just put on a “guided meditation” tape or CD. They have guided meditations on YouTube too. Hay House has several.

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