Wednesday’s Meditation Quotes, Video And Tips – October 21, 2015

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3 Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Find your focus. These exercises work for just about everyone at anytime, anywhere.

Find your focus. These exercises work for just about everyone at anytime, anywhere.

By July 30, 2013
“Beginners can try the three simple meditation exercises below just about anywhere, at anytime. Before jumping in, here’s a bit of advice from Catherine Kerr, director of translational neuroscience at Brown University’s Contemplative Studies Initiative: “Go slow, and be compassionate and gentle with yourself.” It’s natural for your mind to wander as you try to focus, she says, so when it does, don’t distress.”

Mayo Clinic Video
The video is under 8 minutes.

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  1. Heather says:

    I’ve been meditating since I was a teenager. When you first start lay a heavy-ish book over your abdomen to help you focus on deep breathing. It makes you very conscious of how shallow our breaths normally are. If the book rises and falls, you’re breathing right.

    1. Heather, Thank you. I need ALL the help I can get. HUGS

      1. Heather says:

        Me too lately. The new meds kicked my butt. Slowly I’m evening out. I couldn’t even read because my vision was all blurred.

        1. Oh Heather, I hate Med Changes especially when they mess you up. HUGS my friend. Do worry about commenting here or even visiting me when you don’t feel good.

          1. Heather says:

            My eyes were too blurry to read for a few days, but they are better now. And you cheer me up 🙂
            Hugs to you

            1. My eyes react to meds and the sunlight. Migraines.
              I often have blurred vision.
              Heather, you cheer me up. LOL

  2. Meditation is something I have been trying to start doing but haven’t yet had the opportunity to even try once!! It’s like I have no time to meditate!

    1. I am collecting quotes and videos and tips myself. I want to start it in November….or sooner. It is a matter of making of my mind to do it….And Danny needs to be at work.

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