Candles In The Home – Making Your Home Cozy


 Candles are an important part of the Making Your Home A Haven Fall Challenge. 

Do you have to have a candle lit in your home to take the challenge? Of Course not.
Why wouldn’t you want to have one lit?
I do understand there might be those of you out there that for some reason, do not like candles.
In that case :Don’t worry about it.
The whole idea of the fall challenge
It is totally up to you to decide how to make your home a comfortable place to rest and come together as a family. To play together, eat together…All of it.

From Woman Living Well and Good Morning Girls on Facebook.

Week 1: October 7th -Go buy an extra large candle and light a candle everyday in your home.

I will be starting mine in the morning but you can start yours at dinner time or whenever is convenient for you. I will be placing mine in the kitchen – the main hub of my home. Each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home.

Live out the fruit of the Spirit of peace and patience this week.”
From Sarah:
This is my candle. It is in the kitchen where we meet throughout the day. It is the hub of our home. 

Making MY Home A Haven – I keep my candle in the kitchen. It is the HEART and SOUL of OUR home.
Making MY Home A Haven – I keep my candle in the kitchen. It is the HEART and SOUL of OUR home.
Our kitchen is where Danny and I come together all day long. We meet there to share what we have been doing during the day. We meet there when Danny gets off work and before we go to bed. It is the HUB of our Home.
We live, laugh and do everything in our kitchen. We need the keep the arguments out of it.

Courtney’s Candle: Women Living Well And Good Morning Girls.

My Mommy World
Making Your Home a Haven: Week 1

From Erin:
“I’m participating in Women Living Well’s 31 day Fall Challenge this month, in which we learn a few simple ways to make our homes a haven.

Courtney’s tip this week was to buy a large candle and light it at the beginning of every day to make our homes feel more cozy. She also suggested that we say a prayer for peace in our home every time we notice the candle burning.  I just loved this idea, because in my mind, nothing seems to make a home feel more inviting than when you see a candle glowing as you walk inside, plus we could certainly use some more peace in our home.”

“I don’t know if my husband or kids have really noticed anything different this week with the candle burning, but I like to think that it’s such a subtle little difference and that they feel it without noticing it.

“This week, in order to promote peace in our home, I’ve tried to shout less and talk more gently.  Many time, instead of walking upstairs to tell my kids something, I just shout up, which in turns causes them to shout the answer down to me.  Usually we never hear each other, so we shout again….in the end, I usually have to just go up to them to talk to them directly.  It’s such a mess.

The candle serves as a great reminder to slow down, take a few extra seconds to walk up a few stairs and actually look them in the eyes and speak to them.”

A Candle for Peace

“Courtney talks about the kind of environment that we are providing for our family. There’s that old saying that if momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy, and I really do think that’s true. There is a big difference in the way my family acts if I’m in a bad mood versus the times when I’m in a happy mood. The cheery decor is nice, but what my family really wants is a happy mom.”

1) Make Your Home a Haven

Make your house a place that your husband and children want to come home to. Find out what is important to your husband. My hubby would rather I be dressed with a little bit of make up on and candles lit than have all the laundry and dishes done. He wants to come home to a happy and loving wife.

And while this doesn’t happen everyday, since I have talked to him about it and know how he feels, I can better make the house a haven for him. Every husband and family will be different but what is it that makes your family feel comfortable? Make your home a place that your family can come home to to feel refreshed.

“Our husbands need to know that home is a place of peace and rest he can turn to. Our children, even as they grow and become more independent as they make their way out in the world, need to know that there safe haven is there awaiting them.

Did you know that this is a gift that you can give to your family? A gift of peace, quiet, security, comfort. And you will love it too.  This has been a passion of mine to create this type of atmosphere. But sometimes our worlds are rocked and things become difficult. I went through a few of those seasons.

But I am on my way to thriving and I hope that you will join me to create wonderful havens for our families that God has so richly blessed us with!

How do we create a haven?

  • Make Your Home Cozy

There is just something about fresh cookies, a glass of sweet tea, soft music, warm blankets and candles or essential oil diffusers filling your home with sweet scents to make your house cozy. Warm meals on the table give a sense of security. A simple life and decluttered clean home makes it even better. ”

“During the month of October, I am joining Courtney from Women Living Well and hundreds of women all over the world in making my home a haven. I am lighting my lovely Yankee Candle (a treasured gift from a friend in the States) to remind myself to pray peace over my home each and every day.

Make Your Home a Haven of Peace

5 Ways I Make My Home A Haven of Peace – Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge wk 1 –

From Rosilind:

“And as I light my candle each day, I am reminded of the lesson I learned while with my parents: to lay down my expectations.

Life hands us so many unexpected challenges. We can let these challenges whip our emotions into frenzy, or we can choose to find joy no matter the circumstance. When we choose to do the latter, we set an atmosphere for our home that invites the presence of God. He can thrive when our hearts are at peace – even in the midst of trials.

The first step to making your home a haven of rest and peace for your family is to make a conscious effort to be the atmosphere-setter for our homes. Turning our homes into receptors for God’s presence, where His presence is invited and made welcome…where His touch can be felt by all who enter and dwell there.

Today I make a renewed effort – as I light my candle – to let the flickering flame remind me to cast every care and expectation upon Jesus, and the fragrance remind me to offer up praise and thanksgiving as a joyful sacrifice to Him as I welcome His presence into my home so that my home will be a haven of rest, peace and joy for my family!”

“I often find myself spontaneously praying as I do certain chores or meditating on the scripture I read that morning.

Do you find your home is often chaotic and filled with the noise of TV or fighting? Would you like to take some intentional steps to bring a more peaceful atmosphere to your home?

It’s possible.

Why not join us as we follow Courtney at Women Living Well on this 4-week journey to making our home a haven for our families.”

Seeking to live life’s moments in the power of God’s grace.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It’s Time for the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

“If you’ve been here for long, then you know that every year around this time, I join Courtney Joseph over at Women Living Well for her annual Making Your Home a Haven challenge.

I’m excited to announce that it’s time again for the making your home a haven challenge!”

my candle in my kitchen. It’s on my kitchen table as you see in the picture above. I got a great deal on my candle with a coupon from Yankee Candle for a buy one get one free! I gave the other extra large candle to my daughter who is doing the Making Your Home a Haven challenge with me this year. I’m so excited that we are doing this together! I hope you’ll join me too!

This week we are praying to live out the fruit of the Spirit of peace and patience in our homes.

Each time the light of the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace and patience in your home.

Peace and patience.
Read The Rest Of It here:

Making Your Home a Haven 2013: Week 1

“It’s fall and that means it’s time for Women Living Well’s Making Your Home a HavenChallenge.  I ♥ this challenge from Courtney of Women Living Well.  It calms me, centers me, and helps me focus on what’s most important in this life.
I’ve placed my candle on my mantle just as I did last fall.  As we pass through our family room a gazillion times each day, we have a gentle reminder of the blessing of our home and I can say my prayer for peace many times a day.  I strive to make my home a haven for my family and for those dear friends who stop in.  But I often find myself frustrated with piles of clutter or rushing to clean up quickly when someone calls to say they’re stopping by.  I like this simple gesture, the tangible reminder–the lit candle–telling me that I have control over the mood and feel of my home.  And I’m choosing to make it a warm, welcoming haven for those I love and those in need.”

As Courtney said, it’s not the things you do or don’t have that make your home a haven–YOU are the key to making your home a haven  Light your candle, turn on the music



“I totally did NOT come up with this concept, but I absolutely LOVE it and am going to practice it this year, so I wanted to share it with you all. This is the Women Living Well’s 6th Annual “Making Your Home a Haven” Fall Challenge. Each week Courtney gives one practical tip and one spiritual tip that you can do to create a haven in your home.”

embracing life and letting God

Peace in the Home

I am the Light of the world.
He who follows Me will not be walking in the dark,but will have the Light which is Life.-John 8:12
From Mandy:
“What is a haven? By definition: a place of safety or refuge. This is what our homes are suppose to be. A place where we feel safe. A place where our children feel safe. It needs to be a place of refuge- where we can go when to leave the cares of this world.How can we make our home a haven.

It starts with you.

Yes, you mama. You set the tone in your home.

So, I began to think about the things that make me feel safe. The reasons why I like my home. The answer was- because of who I share it with.

I want my home to be a place of safety and refuge. I want my home to be inviting.

So, each year, I join my good friend Courtney over at Women Living Well, and I follow through on the Making Your Home A Haven Challenge.”

There are so many different things you can do to make your home a haven.
Next Up:
More of What Makes A Home A Haven
Plus What I am Doing To Make Ours A Haven
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