Thursday’s Meditation – October 22, 2015

Back To Basics Guided Meditation: For beginners & returning meditation users

Mantra Meditation Technique
  1. 1. Choose your mantra. …
  2. 2. Find a comfortable place to sit. …
  3. 3. Gently close your eyes and begin by taking some deep breaths. …
  4. 4. Begin repeating your mantra silently to yourself without moving your tongue or lips. …
  5. 5. Do not try and stop your thoughts or empty your mind. …
  6. 6.

Meditation For People Who Don’t Meditate (A 12-Step Guide)

Daniel Scott January 3, 2014

From Sarah:
Meditation is going to take some time for me.

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    1. Thanks you for this one. I will be glad when WORDPRESS is working right again and I can post my series again. I miss the Meditation and Motivation Series.
      Thank you for always sharing my stuff.
      I want to start sharing more but WordPress is not working for me any more. Not since they changed a few things.

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