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Pay It Forward – Week 4 And Posts from all month at the end.
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That is not saying you can’t email or get on the internet at Starbucks. Yes you can. In fact they encourage it. JUST REFRAIN From bothering others.

I am still working on my postcards and letters to those you sent me their addresses.
I have finished 33 of them.
I have 15 or so left to do.
I have enjoyed it.

What have you done this week to pay it forward?

What random acts of kindness have you done?
It is often the smaller acts that mean the most to people.

This is an new Blog I found. The name says it all. Check it out. Rak_logo_flat
Random Acts Of Kindness Blog

Host a Cookie Exchange


“It’s that time of year again! This year, host a cookie exchange with a purpose. Get your friends together to bake a whole bunch of different kinds of holiday cookies, but instead of just bringing your portion home share with your family, donate them! Bring some holiday cheer to your local hospital. Or you could charge a “fee” at the door and donate the money your guests bring to your favorite charity.  If you love to bake, this is your chance to use that skill to help others!”

The Butterfly Effect Of Chris Rosati

In 2010, Chris Rosati was diagnosed with ALS and has slowly lost his ability to walk and speak. Still, he is devoting the rest of his life to spreading kindness.

Check it out. It is a video.

Everyday should be PAY IT FORWARD DAY.

50 Ways to Pay it Forward

By Kelsey Gryniewicz

Pay It Forward Friday – October’s Ongoing Challenge – Week 3

Have you taken a meal to someone who need a friend? Have you visited with anyone lately?

Be there for them. Be a friend. 

Pay It Forward Friday

Put your cell phone up for a few hours if not 24 hours.24-Hour-Challenge-Put-Down-Your-Cell

I wouldn’t want to put my computer up for 24 hours. But then I am not on it 24/7 when there are people around.
I am not on a cell phone (If I still had one)
Don’t use your cell phone when you are with friends .
It is just PLAIN RUDE.

The 21 day challenge – no phone in the company of others

“As I sat in the back of a taxi rushing from one appointment to another this week… quick to check my phone for messages as soon as I jumped in the cab, the taxi driver asked “And how’s your day going?” I stopped and chatted and found out what he thought of the troubles with the state of the nation. The taxi driver lamented that most people were to busy on their mobile phones to chat any more. As I said goodbye and thanked the cab driver– I noted how great it was to have a chat and hear someone else’s point of view.”

October’s Ongoing Pay It Forward Challenges For Friday, October 9, 2015- Week 2

How is the Pay It Forward Challenge Going?
Have you put your cell phones away when you are in the company of others?
Image result for Cell Phones At the table PhotosHow is this family time? They asked and answered a question but neither stopped what they were doing.
This is NOT good family time.

Why go out and eat if you are going to talk /text on the phone while you are there?
You are missing a great opportunity to simply have fun.
To work on NOT having the cell phone on
and at the table during meal times.
If it must be on, put it on a counter AWAY from the table.

This Weeks  NEW Challenge Is TWO – FOLD.
1. Eat your  meals together.
If not all of them, then at least one meal a day.
2. To Say Grace at least at one meal a day.
Say it together. Say it silently. Say it.

Check Out The Rest Of the Months Challenges Plus Challenges For The Week. Week 1
Week 1 -Monthly and Weekly Goals

Pay It Forward For The Month Of October – My Gift To You And A Weekly Challenge

From Sarah:
I have written to 13 people already who sent me an Email. I have lot’s more to do. I added all the ones from here as well.
The offer is still good.
Email me your address and I will send a letter or postcard to you.
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There are so many ways TO PAY IT FORWARD.

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