Saturday Motivational Quotes –

Have a good Saturday and an even better Sunday,

Love Sarah

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend. I have a question. Do you do several posts at once and schedule them?

    1. Sometimes. I will often do my daily posts the day before and sometimes back to back writing them. WHY? Any particular reason for asking?

      1. You have so many posters and it looks like a lot of work/time goes into each one. I just wondered if you devoted time to do them all at once and schedule them.

        1. Lately I have been barely getting them done. I have one for 5 another for 7 and another for 10.
          When I was laid up I could get them done early. Plus I added more to them.
          It does take time. The only part I hate is Tags and Categories. LOL

          1. Yes! I understand that.

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