Digital Art – When Nature Meets Humans – Portrait #6

Check out Carolina’s Photo here and on her blog.It is awesome and that really doesn’t come close to describing it. Yesterday After/Digital Art


Portrait #6 Ewian

Digital Portraits Collection

Portrait #6

Today I am sharing with you my New Portrait for this unique Digital Art Collection “When Nature Meets Humans” created out of digital photo-manipulation, each portrait is a blend of multiple photos representing nature and persons. I started to develop this concept about two months ago and since then I created  five unique portraits.

This is Portrait #6 – EWIAN

Last week Ewian was the Featured on my weekly event, if you missed the post you can see it here.
Ewian is a music composer and his beautiful music and videos, inspired me on creating my new Portrait for this Collection, a black and white in connection and symbiosis with Ewian style and Alternative music.
I used some of the great photos found on his Blog blended with photos of the “Black Forest” located in Germany. This…

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  1. Thank you so much Sarah I am truly honored to be on your Blog with my Digital Art – My Portraits are uniquely Custom created like keepsake memories…

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    1. They should be. They are too good not to be


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