The Book Of Numbers Bible Study Chapter 2 For Tuesday

Numbers 2: Bible Verse For Tuesday. 

Discussion Question For Tuesday:

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Memory Verse
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Today We Begin! {3 Lessons, An Intro & Resources for Numbers 1-5}

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From Good Morning Girls Facebook.: For Monday Morning.

“🎉Today we began the book of Numbers 1. 📖God was specific and organized as He told which tribe where to camp.🏡. He was to be at the center of their camp. In the same way, may we keep God at the center of our lives today🙌!

. Find all the resources📚 for Bible Study this week including the Background and Overview of Numbers on the blog💻 today

(Remember there is no right or wrong way to color code 🎨. It is just a tool for SOAKing it in!)”

Did you see Tara’s Doodle for today’s reading in Number’s 1?

She includes a printable for children to color on her blog as well – visit her at:

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It is really easy to download the PDF Kids Coloring Page.

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