How Having Less Gave Us More

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How Having Less Gave Us More

“It was late morning, my little guy was crying due to yet another upset belly triggered by food sensitivities. I was physically and emotionally exhausted by this point. We were out of clean clothes, so I HAD to get a load of laundry started that day. I left him crying upstairs with his brother and ventured into our basement.

I wanted to sit down and cry when I hit the bottom step. There were mounds of clothing, blankets, sheets, and towels all needing to be washed. I was beyond behind. It would take days to dig out of this mess. It was bad, very very bad.

As I sorted clothing and started a load, I realized we didn’t need to be living this way.

We had accumulated so much over the years and it was strangling us while we were simply trying to tread water. I realized we really didn’t need so much stuff–and by keeping it all I was enabling myself to fall behind and live in a state of constant overwhelm.”

 From Sarah:
Please read the rest of the post. It is a good example how having less can actually give you more. Simple ways to make this happen.
This post fits in the Making Your Home A Haven Challenge going on this month.
We have been challenged to Make Our Lives Easier So We,As Women, Wives and Mom’s Can Be Happier.
When we are happy, the family is happier.
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I discovered this post on Rosilind’s blog:

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Making Your Home A Haven Challenge: Women Living Well /Good Morning Girls Facebook

What challenges as a homemaker, mom, wife,full time job away from home, etc do you find you are having the most trouble with?
My answer: the day to day, non-stop chores.
Have a wonderful Thursday.
Love Sarah

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