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Light Rain: A Short Film About Life’s Showers

From Sarah:
I almost missed this video.
It brought tears to my eyes,
Bobby would call it a “KODAK Moment.”
A Joyful Moment: Enjoy them when they come. 

A surprisingly touching short film that puts things in perspective. What’s the last time you ran through the rain?

Learning to Dance in the Rain

The Guru of Caumsett: Simple Yet Profound Lessons from a Kind Stranger


“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

It was about a month after my son was born that I was introduced to the man I have come to think of, only somewhat facetiously, as “The Guru of Caumsett.”

My husband and I were at the park with our newborn son when a man I’d never seen before began waving as he strode determinedly—despite a pronounced limp that caused him to drag, ever-so-slightly, one leg behind the other—past us.

“How are you doing?” my husband called, waving back while I smiled and nodded my hello.

“Just great! It’s a beautiful day. You enjoy it!” he encouraged, never stopping completely, but all the while holding my gaze and smiling brightly at us, as if he’d just bumped into long lost friends.

I questioned my husband as to how he knew him, and he explained that he didn’t. But he saw him every time he was at the park, and the man always greeted not only him but everyone he passed on the path the same way.

 Read the rest of this short story.
Sometimes all we need are a few nice words from a stranger. Tiny Buddha

The Guru of Caumsett: Simple Yet Profound Lessons from a Kind Stranger

Worry Is a Darkroom

Let It Be

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  1. Roo's Muse says:

    Some thunderstorms hung around us late last week. After the second day we had a play date – dancing in the rain. Love the poster.

    1. I know I am behind here and on emails. I have been working with Danny at the park By the time I get home I am totally worn out. Hurting or Feeling like a SPONGE. All wobbly.
      I smiled at the dacing in the rain.

  2. “Light Rain” going your way!

    1. Hi there, We will take it. I was just over at your blog. It is wonderful. Have an awesome weekend. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad to, Have a wonderful weekend Lynn. 🙂

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