Meditation For Life Part 1: Plus Breathing Tips.

Part One Sunday 

Part 1: Meditation & Modern Life

Welcome to the first session of Meditation For Life. In this episode, we talk about stress, anxiety, and the challenge of starting a meditation practice and being consistent. We also explore how and why meditation is such a powerful antidote to the relentless stress and pressure of modern life.

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Meditation For Life Seminar: Part 1



How to Breathe in Meditation: Finding the Approach that’s Best for You

just breathe

Do you get distracted by your breath in meditation?

A lot of people struggle with this. You’re not alone. So what is the right way to breathe when you meditate?

How To Breathe in Meditation

There are a few ways to answer this.

First, the answer depends on your particular practice. Is it yogic breathing, like pranayama? Or is it Vipassana, which uses the breath and bodily sensations as an object to focus your attention? Maybe it’s something different.

Second, it’s easy to get distracted thinking about your breath when you meditate. Should it be deeper? Should it be longer? Should you pause on the inhale or on the exhale (also known as the top and the bottom of the breath)?

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How to Breathe in Meditation: Finding the Approach that’s Best for You

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