No Internet

No Internet.

No warning.

I was getting ready to do all of my Wednesday Morning Posts.

That was last night.

So I went to bed.

Then this morning.
No Internet.

My reaction was a bit more serious.

For 15 plus hours. 

Not just SNAIL SLOW. 

Not going on and off.
Ours goes on and off all day long.

Image result for no internet access Photo

Neighbors: What neighbors?
We have none. 
I could have gone to the park but
they were out as well.


Takes money because I’d want to eat. And it it too far away. 
Although it was tempting.
Oh does that look good. It’s been 6 years since I have been to a McDonald’s.

Of course, it has been longer than that since we have been to a fast food place.

It has NOTHING to do with them not being healthy. 

Well, I suppose it works for some people. Me. Nah.
The internet actually helps me get things done.
I take breaks all day long from it.

It could have been worse. The park’s internet goes out all the time. This LAST time it was for 2 days.

Yes, I said 2 days.

Danny didn’t pay the BILL.
Now you know why I’m really irritated.
I spent hours trying to get it hooked up here.
I spent time trying to call from here.
Land line was working but there was so much static they couldn’t hear me.
I don’t have a working cell phone.
If I would have had ANY IDEA that the bill WAS NOT paid LAST MONTH I WOULD HAVE PAID IT.
If I would have known it wasn’t paid today, I could have paid it.

Seriously, I am too dependent on the internet.
I read all the time from it. So when the internet is out I can’t read.

Here I still have all my morning posts to do and what did I just do?
I wrote a insignificant  post about not having INTERNET. BOO HOO.

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  1. The picture of the squirrel is priceless!!

  2. Great post Sarah. I can feel your pain but at the same time I see your humour about the situation. 😀

    1. Hugh, I really appreciate that. I almost didn’t write it. I just couldn’t let the few who read everything of mine think I was back in the hospital again. Once I started writing it I didn’t want to stop.
      You should have seen the look on my face when After trying to fix the internet here….thinking it was something in the house or at the box at the house…..for as long as I did. Then to find out my hubby hadn’t paid the bill. My face got beat red. By the time he got home I was ok.
      It is sad that we depend on the internet to read and do everything any more.
      Have a great week.

  3. Well done! I love the presentation.

    1. Robert, Thank you.
      I almost didn’t write it. Have a great week.

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