5 Tips to Take Control of Your Mental Game

I understand the “Not venting” as a whole .I sometimes “Vent”more than I should.
I just KNOW, I got to a point this summer when I felt like I was about to “BLOW” because I was holding it ALL inside of me, “It’s the constant venting (dwelling) where negativity does the damage.” We need to
“Vent ” and MOVE on.
Venting relieves the tension and anger building up inside of us. In my case, it kept me from taking it all out on my husband. We are closer because I vented. I let go of a lot of anger. I was able to begin to move forward.
I removed a lot of STRESS.
shared From The Ivie League.

Joy and Jewelry


My dad used this mathematical analogy all the time when we would practice discus for hours after school. I would get frustrated when I didn’t do as well as I knew I could, and he would try to explain that being frustrated with myself only made me do worse. It only took me a decade, but I finally understand what he was talking about.

My mental game needs to be strong in order to perform well physically.

It is funny how I encountered this even more as an adult who was not physically competing in a sport than I ever did as a high school athlete. Through all of life’s trials, this lesson has only been reinforced.

The Power of Positive thinking

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