Hot Cocoa, Delicious Books, Crisp Fall Weather, And Beautiful Music

Wishing for the cooler weather. It’s been a might warm again here. ok, It’s been a BIT HOT here. Above 90 is just hot no matter what time of year it is.
Looking forward to bonfires and nightly drives once again.
Love the list of movies here. My favorites.
Shared from Lady Cass.

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  1. Nena says:

    Oh, Florida weather. It truly has been very hot down here:(

    1. Nena, Usually by this time, it has at least cooled off at night so I can open the windows up and then maybe close them later the mest morning. “It is too humid too as well. Last year it was hot except for a few cold days. I thought that was bad We are about 15 degrees higher at times.

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