I Am Thankful For My Cat – Day 6

Poor Mr. Bojangles. I have a hundred or so good pictures of him on the server but I couldn’t access it tonight. 

None of these are very good and I apologize for HIS sake. All of these were taken with my old camera….the one without an LCD light. I can’t adjust it and I can’t see what I am shooting.

YET, It relaxes me to take photos, even if I know MOST of them won’t turn out. NOT INSIDE, ANYWAY.
I am just thankful that I have a camera at all.
I am glad that I can enjoy taking photos no matter what.

This is one of the better pics here and I am surprised since it is a close up of him. The camera is set for DISTANCE and Being OUTSIDE. 
  Mr. Bojangles trying to sleep as I move around in the recliner taking MORE Pics of him. DSCN4850 Probably waiting for Grandpa to get home.
Danny is Grandpa. I am MOM. Danny was always Grandpa to his cats. I have always been MOM to mine.

DSCN4789He doesn’t care if the trash needs to be taken out. DSCN4126 If You Look on the counter you see rolls of Toilet paper. Does Anyone else use TP instead of  Kleenex?
It is cheaper. I will buy tissues when we have company. If we have company.
He is constantly moving from the chair to the recliner to the window sills – back and forth until I finally say something.
Enjoying watching the sun come up and some peace and quiet. Someone IS SLEEPING.
He saw it before I did.
DSCN5095If you look closely out the window, you can see one of the deer. 

He loves watching the animals. DSCN5628
See the deer?DSCN5630Here’s one of the deer.
DSCN5613DSCN5690 DSCN5696 DSCN5709
I Swear he kept his hind foot there for the longest time.



He will play like this for hours. 

As you can tell, I spend MOST of MY TIME right now in the enclosed porch and the kitchen. WAITING FOR GRANDPA TO WALK IN THE DOOR.
He wants the frogs.
Just being a good kitty.

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  1. Heather says:

    He’s a cutie ☺ Makes me miss my kitty.

    1. He wears me out and keeps me going at the same time.

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