Meditation For Friday

3 HOURS Relaxing Music with Water Sounds Meditation

Healing Meditation Music

David Henderson, twenty three years old, composed his first album Soothing My Soul at the age of sixteen.

Soothing My Soul​

After living in Hawaii for a few years he is currently living in Ojai, CA, composing, performing, and teaching. David became a Young Steinway Artist when he was eighteen and is continuing to compose his second album.  Stay tuned for Brilliant Awakening.

David has graciously allowed us to share some free streaming meditation music with you.   We encourage you to build a supportive healing meditation and relaxation practice, bringing more love and light onto the planet.  Our mission is to support meditation in service to humanity.

There are 3 short pieces here to listen to.

You’re Doing This Meditation Practice Right Now (Even If You Don’t Know It)

Meditation & the Magical Archery Range

The meditation instructions that I will share cannot be done wrong. You literally can’t miss. That is why I sometimes describe them as a magic archery range.

The magic archery range has no targets. You just shoot in any direction  and wherever you aim a target appears and you hit a bull’s eye…every time. It’s an archery range where you can’t miss. That’s the magic.

What we discover in the magic archery range, is that only when we find  ourselves in a situation where we can’t lose, do we have the opportunity to see how difficult it can be to always win. That is because our mind is a problem-solving machine, and they will create a problem out of anything—even not being able to lose.


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