Meditation For Health And Vitality

If you’re new to meditation or not quite ready to join a week-long retreat, you can start reaping the benefits of this exercise now, right in your lounge room.

Meditation for beginners – 7 top tips - Women's Health & Fitness

How long should you meditate for?

You don’t need to meditate every waking hour, seven days a week – let alone in silence – to experience tangible brain changes that benefit mood, outlook and capacity to cope with life’s vicissitudes.

Emotional resilience is among the greatest perks. While the optimal daily dosage for meditation is still being researched, most controlled studies demonstrate measurable positive changes in brain functioning, mood and behaviour from those practising a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Meditation can also act as a micro holiday, restoring perspective.

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Meditation for beginners – 7 top tips

Meditation For Health & Vitality

A Free Guided Meditation

In this powerful and free guided meditation, meditation teacher and health expert Katherine Miller answers that question by taking you on a voyage into the heart of your health and wellness.

Focusing on light and breath, Katherine guides your attention to the vital aspects of what feeds our body and soul and she helps you connect with the very essence of health.

Fill Your Cells with Light

On this meditative journey, Katherine helps you fill your cells with light using the vehicle of your breath and shows you how to abandon worry and stress in the process.

Discover how your own breath can become a source of health and wellness that transcends your body and suffuses your mind with deep and abiding calm. You will also develop and strengthen a rich and palpable body-mind connection over the course of these 8 minutes.

Try it once and then again. This meditation is one you can practice over and over until you can do it on your own. Katherine’s goal is to empower your practice of mindfulness and health and to show you that you have the power to heal yourself and build a meditation practice that yields radiant health.


Here is what you can expect from this free guided meditation:

  • A new and empowering experience of breathe
  • A new understanding of how light and breathe feed the body
  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress Relief
  • Mind expansion
  • A stronger body-mind connection
  • Joy & ease of being
  • The soul-level empowerment that is a natural result of meditation
  • An experience of time slowing down

If you have questions about meditation, you can refer to our Frequently Asked Question guide for new meditators. Or, you can read our Meditation Tips: 10 Simple Steps to Buddha Mind.

Meditation For Health & Vitality

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  1. Heather says:

    How is your meditation going?

    1. The actual getting started meditating in the morning isn’t. Too much going on in my head.
      Trying to hurry up and drive to the park.
      Late at night I have been enjoying the research I have been doing. I can’t seem to get enough or share enough.
      Hyper about it.
      Laughing as I wrote that.
      Hyper and relaxing don’t fit. LOL I am just excited about it right now and I haven’t been excited about anything for a long time
      I want it to cool off so I can get the yard looking good as well as get this house is shape.
      It is slow going there.The want to is there. The drive is there. I just can’t physically do what I want to and it bothers me.
      Mentally I need cooler weather. I need to really AIR out this house
      On a good note….I am enjoying some of the music on and off during the day.

      So it is getting there.

  2. Great way to start the weekend. Thank you and may yours be wonderful.

    1. Danny and I both were busy but we had a good time working together. He is off tomorrow and Tuesday. Have a good week, you two.

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