Pay It Forward Friday – Be Thankful For The “Little Things” We Take For Granted


On  this Pay It Forward Friday and for the rest of November I would like to see you buy extra toiletries and necessities for those that may not be able to afford it. Find out where they are taking donations and give.

I thought of this after I saw a post from Women Living Well this week.

I shared it earlier this week. It’s a series I am in support of.
I was reminded of all of the “little things” we take for granted sometimes.

  • The candles we just lit
  • Our pillows
  • Our toothbrushes
  • Washcloths
  • Pencils
  • Eye glasses
  • The refrigerator
    And ALL the Food In IT
  • Windows
  • Socks and underwear
    We not only have them but we can spend hours looking at all the different kinds 

  • Chairs
  • Electricity

    We have enough power for everything in our homes.
    AC Heat Hot Water Heater Computers Phones Microwaves TV Stereos Lights Fans Vacuums Games
    Whatever we want.
  • Phones
  • Clean water

    Dirty Water in Africa 2 minutes to Make a Difference 2012 Final cut

AC is a HUGE one for me. So really shouldn’t be on this list.
We have so much and many people don’t have enough.

Tooth brushes and tooth paste make brushing our teeth so much easier. Yet, many people don’t have new ones.

Deodorant, personal hygiene  products. We have shelves stocked with everything we could possibly need.

So buy an extra tooth brush and tooth paste the next time you buy one. Or buy 2 of each.
Why wait?
Head down any isle and just pick up a few things.

Too be honest: I am not doing this as often as I have in the past ONLY because we really can’t afford to every month. But when I can….I do.

I have always had the necessities. We have run out and had to make do for a SHORT time but we always knew it wouldn’t be long.

Another thing you might think of:
It is not just the NEEDY who could use these supplies at times.

Nursing Homes are often in need of various supplies. Call and ask what they might need.

I also know for A FACT:
Even well to do families at time need a helping hand.

I have written about our house fire right before Christmas when I was 17.
I remember well, realizing none of us had any of the bare necessities.


Writing 101- Assignment for Day 14 – I Will Always Remember The 21ST. Of December 1975.

My room engulfed  in flames.
I remember racing for my bedroom. Dad stopping me. Holding on to me.
My pillow. My bible. My stories. My photos. My book,  My stamp collection. ALL GONE.
Dad or someone saved a chair from my room. Part of the antique table we had in the dining room
I remember crying and saying my…my….
The house was gone.
Oh we found a few odds and ends in the days to come. I found a blacken necklace of mine. Part of my jewelry box. My grandma’s melted class ring she had given me.
It quickly went from MY things to family things. All of the paintings my grandma had given us. The picture she had painted of Dixie , Our beloved collie that had died just that fall.
She was 18.

Later on I remember being in the gas station in Grafton, our small hometown.

The tears just came flooding down as I remember us walking into the gas station to buy toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and other things. I remember Dad telling us to get anything we wanted. We were never told that before.
I remember walking out the door with a couple of books, notebooks, pens and pencils.
I remember mom crying because she didn’t have her purse.
She didn’t have a purse any more.
I remember the lady at the counter….We knew her and she had heard what had happened to us.
I remember her saying we didn’t have to pay for anything.
It was on her and her husband.
Other people in the gas station took up a collection for us.
I remember my dad saying thank you but we’d be alright.
Someone, Said “Please take it and Merry Christmas. ”

 Since that Christmas our family has Paid It Forward (although we never called it that or really thought of it… was just something we did.)