Life In Our Neck Of The Woods – An Update

We are BUSY. The Park is full of YANKEES.
(I can say anything I want about YANKEES because IN MY HEART I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE A YANKEE)

I am Working on a way to work and BLOG and Do EVERYTHING ELSE.

Comments will finally be answered tonight :

Love You,

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  1. shyutgal says:

    I suppose I’m a “yankee” although I probably am too far west of the Mason-Dixon line for it to count. Plus my ancestors were considered the first cultists, and that made us labelled ‘just plain weird.” And that squirrel? Priceless!!!

    1. I thought the squirrel was perfect.
      I grew up in Southern Illinois so I am also very Southern in the way I think as well.
      I’ve always known I was weird.
      How was your weekend? I haven’t been here to answer comments in days.
      I met to last night but was just too tired. We are swamped at the park and I am worn out all the time. But it’s a worn out I can handle. It beats sitting here not working.

  2. anwyn84 says:


    1. We are always busy at the park this time of year.
      Have a great week.

      1. anwyn84 says:

        Thanks. I’ll​ try.

        1. I pray that you do,

  3. I’m considered a “Damn Yankee” but in my heart I’m a southern girl!! Loves to you ❤

    1. LOL
      Have a good week with the kiddos.

    2. LOL
      Have a good week with the kiddos.

      1. Surgery tomorrow. Finally. Glad most of the house is clean!

        1. OH my gosh…I had forgotten. Wish I was there to help. Let me know how it turns out….When you are UP to it.

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