Uplifting Wednesday-Make The Difference — A MUST WATCH VIDEO

Shared From My Daily Musing.

This is one of the most Uplifting Motivational Videos I have ever seen. It is even better that it is a true story.

It will excite you. Make you smile. May even make you cry.

Please Watch and share.
We all need a post like this.

Source: Uplifting Tuesday-Make The Difference

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  1. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures and commented:

    Love this video.


  2. New Journey says:

    great video…..I was cheering them on…..thanks for sharing…kat


    1. Kat, You should see my face right now. I knew I was forgetting something. Your card and a couple of others are in Danny’s state truck. I just realized it. I sent them along with him and he never made it to the park. They towed the truck to town. They are sitting on the dashboard…..I didn’t go in that day.

      That was almost 2 weeks ago.
      I am silently saying a few words I try not to say.
      I never even thought of them until I saw your name here.


      1. New Journey says:

        Lol love it… No worries….

        Liked by 1 person

          1. New Journey says:

            Worring csuses wrinkles….. Lol


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