Why Do I Get So Annoyed At That Man

Why Do I Get So Annoyed at That Man?

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Here in Montana, November means the men put on camouflage and spend a week hunting.
From Sarah: That photos does not look like anyone going off for a week of hunting. LOL

But do you know what hunting has always meant for me? No cooking dinner, doing some fun project, and maybe a splurge to go shopping. So I’ve always waved goodbye to the men and have tried to look sad.

“I’ll miss you!” (Take your time –an extra day if you need to.)

Matt and his brother loaded up rifles, camouflage, and Skittles (gotta know what’s important) yesterday and headed out the door. On my way home from school I felt giddy about the wonderful girl evening that lay ahead of me.

Then my phone rang.

“Hey hon,” Matt said.

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