Meditation, Yoga and Relationships

Guided Meditation for Love/Relationship Healing Meditation **POWERFUL! **
By Awaken To Change

How Does Meditation Improve Your Relationships?

1. Grounded In A Love for Meditation

83345802_1cade040c1_bWe both have a strong spiritual practice. I meditate every day for at least an hour and sometimes two. She grew up in a Muslim household with a rich prayer practice. We met on a meditation retreat fifteen years ago and lived together for many years in a residential spiritual ashram.

For both of us, meditation has always been a shared value. Not just in itself, but because it connects us to something bigger than ourselves. And to be honest, that love for the thing we connect with in meditation is a big part of what we love in each other.

So yes, I definitely think that played a part. But there’s something else.

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Partner Yoga: a meditation on relationship: “It is through our intimate relationships with others that we come to know and love ourselves.”partner-yoga2

The above is rather LENGTHY but I enjoyed reading it.


Couples Yoga  From Women’s Health

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  1. Erika Kind says:

    Hehe…. nice Yoga practice though 😉

    1. I have never done yoga…It is exciting learning all of this. Trying out new things. I am limited in what I can do to exercise because of my hip and ankle. So I am grateful for anything thing. 🙂

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