What Do You Think?

I was really hesitant to listen to this song.
Anyone who really knows me, knows I love Elvis.
I have since I was 2 years old.

I also have awesome memories from when this song came out.
Bobby loved singing it. He couldn’t carry a note. (Like his momma.)
He loved singing it with me in the kitchen.

It was also a favorite song of my youngest nephew.
Tyler and 2 other boys would sing with Billy Ray Cyrus on the radio. I was babysitting at the time.

Fun times.

So, I was hesitant.
The accent is off but I liked this enough to replay it with my headphones on.

Elvis Presley – Achy Breaky Heart (Spoof)

Then I went looking for some real Elvis.
And found this.
Country Roads By John Denver has been my second favorite song
After , Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.

Then I Heard This Version:

Rio – Country Roads (Elvis Presley)


WOW. It Sounded Great.
I know it isn’t Elvis but WOW.Β 

What do you think?

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