The Second Buster Island Paddle Trip With Bill. Down Zipprer Canal Part 2

We are in the first boat. 


100_3212 Danny is pushing the kayak out. 

100_3213In case you can’t tell, Danny and I are by FAR THE YOUNGEST HERE.
So he is in the back and I am in the front.

100_3211 Waving at the hikers on the bridge. 

100_3212 Danny is pushing the Langley in. We are waiting for him to get done helping everyone.

Danny is way in the rear. He and I both have our park hats on.100_3214

Headed down Zipprer Canal. Waving goodbye to the hikers on the bridge.
100_3215 100_3217
Bill was in one kayak. Erik in another. Danny and I in the 3rd.100_3221 On the right … in the mainland. Lake Kissimmee State Park is split in two here. On the left of these photos is Buster Island. It will continue to be ON THE LEFT the whole trip.100_3222 It was a beautiful morning. It would get HOT on the way home. No SHADE. 

100_3223 100_3225 100_3226
Bill is leading here. We are second. Erik is third.100_3227
Going down the canal out to Lake Rosalie. 100_3228 100_3229
100_3230 100_3231 100_3232 100_3233 100_3234 100_3235 100_3236 100_3237 100_3238 100_3239 Check out the gator getting a tan, 

100_3240 100_3242 Stay away from the sharp end. 
100_3245 100_3246 100_3247 100_3248 100_3249 100_3253 If you look closely you can see the end of the canal and the opening to Lake Rosalie. 

100_3254 Almost there. 

100_3255 100_3256 100_3257There are birds of all kinds all around us. Lake Rosalie is ahead.

We have gone 2 miles. 2 Easy miles.

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    From Last year. Canoeing At Lake Kissimmee State Park. Well , not AT the PARK. All around it.

  2. Heather says:

    That looks like fun and the canal is so pretty.
    Funny thing, as I started looking at the pictures I was wondering if there were gators in the water…sure enough, you got one! Oh my, do they not freak you out?

    1. I did the first year I was here. Now, not so much. I love seeing them. Not as much when I am kayaking though. LOL
      I posted some photos of the time I was out having fun on the four wheeler…enjoying the day. Not thinking about it being Mating season and coming upon a bunch of them…..What did I do?????I took photos. After I turned the four wheeler around so I could head out IF NEED BE….

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