Computer Working- Sort Of

Happy Friday Night!
It’s been a busy week.
Neighbors are here.
They have left us alone.
So we are good there.
Danny is off this weekend but works all of NEXT week. Late Field.
Thanksgiving Week. It is one of our busiest weeks.
I will be working as much as I can from Wednesday Thru Sunday.
Thanksgiving Dinner is at our Manager’s House. We all brings lot’s of goodies.
This computer is really messed up The keyboard is really slow most of the time.
I have had to do a restore n the computer. I still can’t get the last download so I can get 10 on it.
It is barely a year old.
I may have to start using the desk top. It is Windows 7 and I like it. I am just not comfortable there. It hurts to sit there.
I am going to post this and try to do real post.



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    1. Sort of was too good of a comment. The computer keeps freezing.
      Hugs my friend.

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